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Planning a night-out downtown? Play a game of Pub Golf through DTLA’s well-known bars!

Downtown LA, definitely a spot where you can indulge in bar-hopping, and enjoy a night out with your friends! However, we’re under the impression that skipping from one bar to another is starting to get a bit dry. So, we had an idea to make your experience at DTLA an even crazier one, only if you’re up for it! Grab a couple friends and get them ready for a game of Pub Golf through Downtown LA. 

Here’s the rules to the game:

~ Needs one Score-Keeper, who can also participate.

~ Six pubs/bars (can be called “holes”) are decided, along with a set drink. 

~ Each drink/gulp/swig of the drink counts as a "shot"

~ “Pars” are set for each “hole” where the Score-Keeper announces the maximum amount of swigs you are allowed to take to finish your drink!

~ Minus Points are awarded if the drink is completed “under par” (A ‘+1’ for every additional sip taken)

~ Plus Points if the drink is completed “above par” 

~ Participant with the Lower Score = Winner, while the Highest Score loses.

Bar Figueroa: Cocktail of your Choice (PAR: 3 Sips)

Bar Figueroa

For us the DTLA Pub Crawl should definitely begin at Bar Figueroa, a stylish lobby bar at a hotel. This spot is FANCY, so you better be on your best behaviour! Anyway, there’s loads of spots up ahead to get a ‘lil wild’

Address: 939 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

The Burrow: Two Shots (Gourmet Sandwiches)

The Burrow

A second hole should definitely get you in the spirit(s) at The Burrow. They have a huge range of amazing gourmet sandwiches that could definitely fill up your stomach before a day filled with drinking, because here, you’re doing two shots! 

Address: 821 Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

District: Cocktails of Choice, VODKA/GIN only (PAR: 5 sips)

The Burrow

District, a spot where art meets craft! Play a quick game of challenges amongst your friends and while the winner gets a -2 off their final score, the loser gets a +2 added to their board.  

(p.s. nobody cares about the score at the end anyway) 

Address: Plaza Level in The Bloc, 700 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Shoo Shoo, Baby: Cocktails of Choice, WHISKEY/RUM only (PAR: 2 sips) 

Shoo Baby

In a bar inspired by a time when the Second World War had just ended and people all around New York were celebrating, it definitely calls for a celebration and a photo. CHALLENGE: give your best pose and post a photo on Instagram, (tag us on @losangelesdrinksguide) and let’s see who gets the most likes in an hour! [winner gets a -2 off their final score, the loser gets a +2 added to their board.]  

Address: 717 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Karl Strauss Brewing Company: PINT (chugchugchug)

Karl Strauss Brewing

This one’s to gettin’ a little British. We’ve heard they love chugging down a pint (for absolutely no reason) so this one goes out to them! So for the penultimate hole, with their award-winning line-up of craft beer and food, Karl Strauss seems like the perfect spot to chug a beer!

Address: 600 Wilshire Blvd Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90017

The Eight Bar: A Celebration (check scores, book cabs)

The Eight Bar

The Eight Bar would be the perfect spot to end The DTLA Pub Golf! With wonderful beers on tap and a refreshing cocktail menu, this spot is perfect for a celebration. Time to check your scores! The Score-Keeper must make a big deal out of this, the winner gets to hand out a drink of their choice to the loser who must down it. 

Address: 788 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Written by Jason Shepherd, Beverage Trade Network

Header Image Source : District

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