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Easy lies this head that wears the crown of the World’s Most Awarded Winery with award after award to show for it.

What began in 1950 as a partnership with Clare Valley Co-operative to distribute wines under the Chateau Clare label has grown into a historically significant tale in the Australian wine folklore. Decade after decade, the perseverance and the passion of a family has taken them to the top of the winemaking mountain down-under. The Wakefield Taylors Wines story began with Bill Taylor. Inspired by Bordeaux producers,  he decided to explore the wine regions in Australia.

Their pursuit of the perfect land brought him to South Australia’s Clare Valley where the family settled down by the Wakefield River. Coinciding with Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, Bill Taylor took the first step on the soil that is now a focal point in Australian winemaking history. The plantation began with cabernet sauvignon grapes that came as a gift from Coonawarra’s Wynn family. The first vintage was produced in 1973, four years after the first grapes got planted.

Wakefield Taylors Wines, Source Facebook

As the business grew with public fanfare, the wines began to rise in popularity. The reds and the whites are both tailored to the needs of the public, fortified and sweet. The business expanded and so did the size of the vineyards. Wine after wine the Wakefield Taylors Wines name grew in stature with the brand becoming synonymous with excellence. The excellence was on show at the 2020 USA Wine Ratings, as multiple wines from the winery raked in awards in a stellar showing.

St Andrews Riesling

The highest-rated wine at the competition, the St Andrews Riesling won five awards on the back of their 97 point showing. Exceptionally balanced, the riesling displays notes of lime along with faint floral notes. The purity of the flavours and the mouthwatering crispness attract you. Its extraordinarily long finish encapsulates the perfection of a wine that comes along once in many years. The gold medal was just the start of this wine’s recognition at the competition as it went on to win Wine of the Year, Best in Show by Country, Best in Show by Varietal and Best Wine by Quality. 

St Andrews Shiraz

The second of the three gold medal-winning wines from Wakefield Taylors Wines, the St Andrews Shiraz has a ruby red colour. Its complex nose contains red berries, dark chocolate and hints of roasted coffee and charcuterie. The palate is rich and rounds up a generous wine that is an excellent mix of long, persistent flavours with elegant tannins. 

Jaraman Shiraz

The final gold medal-winning wine from Wakefield Taylors Wines, the Jaraman Shiraz has a deep cerise red colour with vibrant purple hues. The aromas of plum, blackberries and coffee beans prepare you for its palate. It is a well-balanced and luscious wine. The Jaraman Shiraz is a marriage between the fruits of Clare Valley and McLaren Vale.

St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon

This 2017 vintage from the St Andrews selection of wines is a complex and elegant cabernet sauvignon. The St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon offers notes of cassis and blackcurrant. It also has subtle hints of spice and dried tomato leaf. A generous wine, the St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon has poise and balance that can be experienced well with a long conversation. 

Jaraman Cabernet Sauvignon

An ode to the Coonawarra grapes that started the Wakefield Taylors Wines journey all those years ago, the Jaraman Cabernet Sauvignon is an enticing mixture of flavours of blackcurrant, choc mint and some eucalypt. A full-bodied, complex cabernet sauvignon it retains elegant tannins that provide it with a great structure. The complexity of the wine is because of the intense flavours of cassis, blackberry and more. 

These wines with several others are a part of select groups that all have one thing in common. They are all spectacular in their regard. The range of Wakefield Taylors Wines includes
- The Legacy
- The Pioneer
- The Visionary
- St Andrews
- Jaraman
- Taylor Made
- Taylors Estate
- Eighty Acres
- Promised Land
- Limited Release

Wakefield Taylors Wines, Source Facebook and Instagram

The entire range of wines provides you with something uniquely different. That is what makes Wakefield Taylors Wines extraordinary. The journey that commenced in the 1950s has today reached a point where a third-generation family led by Mitchell Taylor has conquered the wine world in a tale almost unheard of in this business. Awards and recognitions have become a base on which the winery has continued to rise in popularity and importance.

With the illustrious background of the winery, a common thought comes to mind. Can I visit the winery and enjoy all that it has to offer? Yes, you can. Wakefield Taylors Wines has several events that you can enjoy. From the classic wine and cheese tastings to their unique cellar door activities and from a wine & chocolate tasting event to the pinnacle tasting experience, you can try it all. 

It does not end here, however. Wine and food go hand in hand. The winery has provided a host of recipes to enjoy with a collection of their award-winning wines. Choose a Wakefield Taylors wine and the right meal to pair it with. 

Wakefield Taylors Wines, Source Website

The winery is located in one of the most picturesque areas of Australia which means that along with the wine, the photographs are also exquisite. To enjoy them from the comforts of your home, follow Wakefield Taylors on Facebook and Instagram

The Wakefield Taylors Wines is among the founding members of Australia's First Families of Wine.  They have been a big part of the mastery, passion and legacy of the Australian wine industry and are worthy of all the honours bestowed upon them. 

Header Image: Wakefield Taylors Winery, Source: Facebook

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