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The New King of the World of Rum!

Lost Ark Distilling Company’s magnificent Terra Mariae Spiced Rum takes top rum honor at the 2021 Bartender Spirits Awards.

“Everyone has the ability to create something special but only if you own your craft.” A statement that reiterated Lost Ark Distilling Company’s dream during their sensational win at the recently concluded Bartender Spirits Awards. The distillery’s Terra Mariae Spiced Rum scored 93 points making it the Rum of the Year winner at the competition. This also meant that Lost Ark Distilling Company took home the honor of the Rum Producer of the Year

You know just the rum you need to have when you're at a bar or even when buying a bottle of rum for your home. A taste of the winning Terra Mariae Spiced Rum as selected by the top bartenders in the country is one you have to go with!

The Bartender Spirits Awards look to identify spirits that deserve to become additions to bar inventories. Judged by bartenders, bar managers and buyers for the on-premise industry, the Bartender Spirits Awards aim to promote and celebrate excellence in the U.S. drinks industry. This year, the judging panel included names like Nora Furst (Partner at West Beverage Consulting and Beverage Director of Uma Casa, San Francisco); Zachary Faden (Lead Bartender & Manager at Brassiere Liberté, Washington DC) and Juyong Kang (Lead Bartender at The Dorsey inside The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas) among others. The panel included experts who have successfully run bars around the country and have great knowledge and understanding of what a drinks enthusiast loves. 

All the entries at the Bartender Spirits Awards are judged on their quality, value and packaging, three parameters a consumer looks at before buying a spirit. The Terra Mariae Spiced Rum on its way to the gold medal impressed the judges on all three of those parameters and showed that it would be a worthy addition to any bar or restaurant menu. 

Inspired by a lost art

The company derives its name from the story of the first Maryland settlers in the 17th century. Sailing for four months across the Atlantic on two ships, the Ark and the Dove, the settlers came to the shore with no idea of what was in store for them. They created everything from scratch and made a living. At Lost Ark, they draw inspiration every day from the grit displayed by their ancestors. 


The Team at Lost Ark Distilling Company, Source Facebook

The purpose of Lost Ark Distilling Company is to create artisan-crafted spirits that embody their vision and the history of Maryland, the state the distillery calls home. The attention to detail is immense, with every step of the distilling process done by hand leaving nothing to chance. The constant labor behind every drop of every spirit and not settling for anything other than what they had imagined embodies the spirit of the first settlers of the Free State. 

The team is led by founder and head distiller, Brad Blackwell. He works in close quarters with Ryan, in house social media guy and cocktail lounge team leader. Margaret is their Chief Brand Officer while Matt looks after the sales department. Bob and Jamie work as advisors while Jen and Kara, two of the weekend crew round up a closely knit team. Much like their spirits, the Lost Ark Distilling Company team is also built with passion and includes those who embody the Maryland spirit. 

Rum of the year and the other awardees

Latin for ‘Mary’s Land’, the Terra Mariae Spiced Rum left no doubt about Lost Ark’s dedication to Maryland with its performance at the Bartender Spirits Awards. King Charles 1 signed the charter in 1632 to name Maryland after his wife, Queen Henrietta Maria. While she was an outsider in her adopted home of England, the rum draws inspiration from the Queen’s complex and intriguing nature. 


The spiced rum layers notes of caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange peel. The Rum of the Year winner aims to break the mold of traditional commercially available spiced rum. The low amount of sugar in the finished product allows the rum to gain a thick syrupy feel and the sweetness allows the actual rum and spice flavors to be showcased. The spices can be identified as “wintery” reminding you of the holidays enjoyed with pies. An intricate and sophisticated rum worthy of Her Majesty’s name. 

While the Terra Mariae Spiced Rum led the pack, Lost Ark Distilling Company’s other products also stood out at the competition. 

Boardwalk Coconut Rum (90 points)

Similar to the approach of making their spiced rum, the team uses traditional methods to infuse real coconut flavor in this rum. Coconut shavings and coconut water are used to add a full and real coconut flavor and aroma. A sweet, bold and aromatic rum, the Boardwalk Coconut Rum is perfect for summer cocktails. 

Verrazano Toasted Hazelnut & Coffee Rum (90 points)

Named after Giovani de Verrazano, an Italian explorer who made his way to the coastline of Maryland in the 1500s, the Verrazano Toasted Hazelnut & Coffee Rum was a gold medal winner at the competition. The rum comes across with a bold coffee flavor; chocolate, caramel and toffee. A fitting ode to the small coffee houses that popped up across Maryland in the 1700s. 

Shipley’s Vanilla Rum (89 points)

The distillery’s adventurous product is Shipley's Vanilla Rum. Distilled twice and soaked in vanilla beans until the flavor is just right, Shipley’s has a full rounded profile. Bursting with notes of caramelized sugar and vanilla beans, the vanilla flavor complements the light fruity tones.


The Lost Ark Distilling Company Collection, Source Facebook

Caramel Creams Liqueur (89 points)

Sourcing the secret Caramels Cream ingredients from William and August Goetze’s dream product, the Caramel Creams Liqueur is a uniquely blended liqueur with light notes of rum. The rich sweet cream, slight vanilla and caramel notes and the distinct taste of Caramel Creams® come together in this award-winner. 

Lady Anne White Rum (87 points)

Lady Anne Arundel, whose family funded Maryland’s colony charter in 1632 is the inspiration behind the rum. With notes of sweet molasses, caramel, hints of berry and tropical fruits, the Lady Anne White Rum honors Lady Anne Arundel’s social standing and beauty. A white rum that's a great mix for cocktails. 

TrailBlazer Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey (84 points)

Made as a toast to the trailblazers of the new colony of Maryland in 1634, the TrailBlazer Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey staked its own claim at the 2021 Bartender Spirits Awards. 

A tour through Maryland’s finest distilleries

The tour of Lost Ark Distilling Company is a walk through the distillery’s history, the points from the centuries gone by that inspired Brad and his team to create award-winning spirits. The educational tour goes on for 40 minutes where each piece of equipment is shown to the audience, helping them understand why it is important in the distillation process. Each tour is followed by a comprehensive 20-minute educational tasting at the bar. 


The Lost Ark Bar at Lost Ark Distilling Company, Source Facebook

The complexity of the spirits is resolved during this experience and allows the audience to go home with more knowledge about the Lost Ark spirits. Everyone is sent home with a tasting glass so that the at-home experience is enriched in the right manner. During your visit to the distillery, you can also enjoy one of their signature cocktails at the Lost Ark bar or their Cocktail Lounge.

You can keep a tab on their calendar to know about the upcoming events at the cocktail lounge. 

Cocktail Lounge Hours:

Friday- 4 to 8 pm
Saturday- 12 to 6 pm

With the Lost Ark Distilling Company, the world of rum has found a new favorite. 

Header Image- Lost Ark Distilling Company, Source Website

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