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In the Spirits of Love: Gifts for Valentine’s Day

With these brands, choose the best gift for your loved one this valentine's!

A day dedicated to love, Valentine’s day is one of those special days we all wait for. It often becomes the tradition to get a gift as a way to please our opposites, an offering that signifies affection. But with getting a gift comes the problem, WHAT do you get? Well we’ve got you covered. From cheesy clichés, to smart puns, or the ever reliable old school gifts, we’ve got all sorts of boozy gifts listed down to get your Valentine! 

1. Hard Truth Distilling Co.

Hard Truth Distilling

Hear us out. While declaring your love for someone is hard in itself, once you’ve done it there are certain hard truths you need to face. Hard truths that, once faced, are definitely sweet in nature when the love itself is genuine. These truths would be easier to face with Whisky though. We suggest Hard Truth Distilling Co.’s work because it seems perfect. With a wide array of award-winning spirits, two of them even winning Gold Medals at USA Spirits Ratings, their spirits are perfect to sip on while facing those hard truths. 

2. Wines from sLOVEnia

Radgonske Gorice

We’re not running out of gift ideas, just getting creative with it. Also award-winning wines from Slovenia seem fancy enough if you’re looking to take a wine enthusiast out! 

~ The Idea: Rosé Wine of the Year from USA Wine Ratings, Radgonske Gorice’s Penina Gold, Rose - Extra Dry and a bouquet of roses. 

~ The Outcome (at least what we expect): Nothing’s Slovenia down. 

~ Explaining the Pun: Slovenia sounds like the phrase “slowin’ ya”. We honestly feel like a majority of y’all got the pun but just making sure no one’s left out. Because being left out is probably the worst thing that could happen on Valentine’s day. Just get yourself the wine dude. 

3. The Way Life Should Be IPA, Orono Brewing Company:

Orono Brewing Company

This one’s only for the name. If you and your partner are avid drinkers of beer, in not an alcoholic way, you should get Silver Medal winner at USA Beer Ratings, Orono Brewing Company’s “The Way Life Should Be IPA” because being in love with them is how life should always be! While we strongly advise being this cheesy is probably unhealthy, this one is for all the beer lovers. And the lover with beers. Beer lovers who love each other but also have beers. 

4. Two Chicks Cocktails

Two Chicks Cocktails

Two has always been greater than one, and we’re supporting everyone who’s big on that ideology this Valentine’s Day. RTDs are taking the world by a storm and so could you with Two Chicks (Cocktails). With multiple award-winning RTDs at Bartender Spirits Awards 2022, Two Chicks Cocktails would be a perfect gift for your loved one(s). Just make sure you buy two. ANYWAY it is a Two’sDay. 

5. Rosé of the Year

Pure The Winery

There’s nothing more cliché than a good bottle of Rosé as a gift for your valentine. While the world seems to have moved on from clichés, we figure it’s sometimes beautiful to take a trip back and be old school once in a while. So flowers, only the most romantic, roses. And wine, only the best, Rosé of the Year at Sommeliers Choice Awards 2022, Pure The Winery’s ‘Sparkling Rose NV’. Make sure you write a letter with rosy words too ;).

6. Nostalgia and Shots

Reminiscing old memories if you’ve been with someone for an extended period of time is always fun. Right? Well we’ve got the perfect idea. Come up with questions about each other, or even memories that you might have spent together and each time one of you gets an answer wrong you take a shot! What’s the worst that could happen anyway? 

Pick your poison, winners from Bartender Spirits Awards: 

~ Tequila: Proximo Spirits’ ‘Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Extra Anejo’, Tequila of the Year 2022 

~ Rum: Denizen’s ‘Vatted Dark Rum’, Rum of the Year 2022

~ Vodka: End of Days Distillery’s ‘Port of Entry Vodka’, Vodka of the Year 2022 

7. Celebrating Love

Ehlers Estate

Finally, getting back to the basics, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. Whether you’re staying indoors, or taking your date out, the day is all about affection! Getting started on cooking some lovely Italian cuisine while slowly making your way through a bottle of red and getting comfortable indoors, make sure you choose only the best: Ehlers Estate ‘1886’, Wine of the Year at Sommeliers Choice Awards 2022. If you do plan on going out, make sure you get some champagne, a bubbly to truly get into the spirit of celebrating romance with them! Suggestions: Champagne Collery’s  lovely range of Sparkling Wines. 

Written by Jason Shepherd, Beverage Trade Network

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