Abbot Kinney Boulevard Street: Guide to the ‘‘Coolest Block in America’’

Let us run down the list of the top spots in the Abbot Kinney Boulevard Street we selected for you

The liberal culture accorded to the Venice tradition of carefree beach-going and fun-having may be the reason why most of the people in the world know about the area, but the truth is that 

Abbot Kinney Boulevard Street, which is unofficially referred to as “hood’s most stylish street”, also is responsible for the amount of attention Venice is getting from the public eye these days.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard Street has some of the best art galleries, restaurants, bars, boutiques, etc., in the city of Los Angeles, and it is also where many beach-lovers come down to get a taste of the culture and experience. It is because the trendiest haven in the Westside is the Abbot Kinney Boulevard Street.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard Street, the beach at Venice, is one product of the Westside, known for its innovation, extensiveness, and the detail attached to the work the citizens put into the scenery of the beaches and their immediate environment. The street was named after Abbot Kinney, who created the city of Venice early into the 1900s. 

Of course, there have been many changes that have been observed in the city since those early years. Venice has seen a lot of growth commercially over the years, and this is due to the city-state’s involvement and investment in private businesses. A lot has changed since the days of Abbot Kinney, who is an inventor, environmentalist, and also a businessman who dealt mostly with tobacco sales and distribution.

There were few successfully managed businesses in those days, but now, this infamous street has seen the startups of many modern organizations interested in serving the city's populace. Now, even clients come in from outside the neighborhood to experience the splash of culture and colors displayed on these beach streets.

The Abbot Kinney Street renovation began in 2007 when Pinkberry, the frozen yogurt company, arrived in the city. The entrance of a company as big as Pinkberry was in those days led to the cataclysmic effect of redevelopment and revamping of the average business mindset and approach to the running of their block.

In five years, after the entry of Pinkberry and the total renovation efforts, GQ magazine referred to the Abbot Kinney Boulevard Street as “The Coolest Block in America”, thereby making this national treasure a name that got recognized all over the world as different major brands started expanding their markets in the area.

If you do make your way to Los Angeles, it would be highly recommended for you to visit the Abbot Kinney Boulevard Street at least once for a good time. Now, without further ado, let us run down the list of the top spots in the Abbot Kinney Boulevard Street we selected for you to do some of your activities (business or pleasure) like drinking, shopping for clothes, eating good food, etc.

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Where to Get Nice Drinks


The Intelligentsia indeed serves the most excellent tastes regarding the quality of their offered brews to its customers. Although it boasts of huge, uncompromising crowds who mostly come around to enjoy the cruise of the beach sides, you can also get the full service to your satisfaction if you make your reservations early.

The aggravation involved is definitely worth the stress when you get to experience the quality of their brews.

Salt & Straw

The drinks bar was formerly located in Portland, before moving their business down to Los Angeles. Salt & Straw brings that artistic feel to your scoop, making sure that you do not just have regular ice cream but one that you’d remember the taste of for a long time. The extensiveness of their menu means that there’s something for every customer who walks through their doors.

There are also the classic and seasonal options in the Salt & Straw menus.

Where to Get Good Food 

The Tasting Kitchen

The Tasting Kitchen is a food establishment that focuses its intent and resolves in the creation of excellent menus containing several periodic meals. The bar is managed by some of the most unique and welcoming people in town.

Felix Trattoria

Felix Trattoria specializes in pasta making in the same way that a chef did it back at Spago and the Rustic Canyon. It had always been Chef Evan Funke’s undertaking to promote authentic Italian meals to Venice – what this led to is the success of a culinary establishment that’s still going on strong.

The customers’ reviews have been highly encouraging as they always like to talk about how great the options on the Felix Trattoria menu is. Since there are so many good reviews, you might want to make that reservation as early as possible, so you do not lose chances at getting the quality meals served here.

Best Places to Shop for Clothes


The boutique, established by Tina Wakino, a true native of Venice, has been in existence for more than 20 years on “The Coolest Block in America”. One wouldn’t think it has been that long, though, given the boutique's still-fresh outlook, which features a mix of classic influences along with some modern statement pieces that are quite luxurious and eye-catching.


For clothes that will last you for a long time, it is suggested that you head down to Heist, which specializes in the sales of a wide range of designer brands and products for women. Nilou Ghodsi, the Heist owner, is one person who has a good eye out there for procuring modern-classic wears. 

Festivals and Flea Markets to Attend in Abbot Kinney Boulevard Street 

First Fridays on Abbot Kinney

The first Fridays on these streets feature lots of outdoor art galleries, food trucks, and more to keep the people satisfied and entertained during the festival's duration. However, you’d have to show up at the festivals early to secure a good parking spot.

Artists & Fleas Venice

The flea markets at the outpost at Venice are the place to be if you are on the lookout for vintage materials or clothing, jewelry, luxury items, etc. Many vendors located on that stretch are known for their expertly created products, which do their part in cementing the place of the Abbot Kinney Boulevard Street as the “The Coolest Block in America”.

Right now, the Abbot Kinney Boulevard Street is still very much in vogue and trendy too. There are many lively restaurants in the streets manned by top-class chefs, which has stamped the street’s reputation for being one of the top-class dining establishments in the city. There are also street arts, boutiques, and various other entertaining events to attend once you are in the city. 

If you know about Los Angeles, you would know that you’re expected to get a huge whiff of the beach traditions, which is one of the major entertainments the city and the entire state of California, are known to be best at. So it would be prudent for you to come prepared with your fashionable beach wears to avoid getting stuck and left out of the fun. 

A cruiser too, would be a nice thing for you to have in your possession – for added effects.

Header Image Credit: Abbot Kinney

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