Meet 2021’s Liqueur of the Year - Muyu Vetiver Gris

It's time to elevate your cocktail game with the aid of Dutch distillers, De Kuyper, and its liqueur brand in Muyu.

With a stellar 95 points on the scorecard, Muyu Vetiver Gris ran the show at the 2021 London Spirits Competition, grabbing the Liqueur of the Year, Distillery of the Year, Best in Show by Country Category, and Best Spirit of the Year by Packaging awards. 

Opening up with floral aromas of jasmine, peach pie, and honeysuckle, Muyu Vetiver Gris leads to a well-balanced and sophisticated palate. 


Since entering the business over 325 years ago, De Kuyper Royal Distillers from the Netherlands have moved forward with a vision of revolutionizing the cocktail market with its range of solitary liqueurs. 

“The company is 325 years old, and we’re currently running with the 11th generation of the family. Even though I’m not part of the family, I feel like I am. The support I constantly receive from the shareholders is great, and together, we’ve turned around the core brands of the De Kuyper brand and are doing things differently,” Mark De Witte, CEO of De Kuyper, addressed while having a chat with the London Drinks Guide.

De Kuyper Distillery

De Kuyper Distillery

The London Spirits Competition paves the way for spirit brands to establish themselves amongst recognized buyers and drinkers in the market. Each year, the winners’ list offers us the opportunity to get acquainted with these brands, whether you order them at a bar, or buy a bottle for yourself. 

The Origin of Muyu 

The story behind the formation of Muyu, one of De Kuyper’s many brands, started with the collaboration of recognized bartenders like Alex Kratena, Monica Berg, and Simone Caporale. These bartenders came up with the idea of sourcing distinctive ingredients to craft a never seen before liqueur with unique layering and flavor. But they knew that only De Kuyper could bring it to life.

Alex Kratena

Alex Kratena

Luckily, they knew Mark De Witte who shares his love for the drinks industry by staying in touch with bartenders, bar managers, distributors, and other affiliations to constantly improve the products from the brand. 

Once the idea was pitched to the brand, De Kuyper was swift to formalize all the details within a week, leading to the birth of three Muyu liqueurs. All the three liqueurs from Muyu entered the 2021 London Spirits Competition, bagging a gold medal each and sharing a total of 19 awards between them. 

Crowned Liqueur of the Year at the competition, the Muyu Vetiver Gris, a composition based on the alchemy of wood, is created by world-renowned bartender Alex Kratena. Alex is a multi-award-winning bartender and co-founder of the drinks industry non-profit organization P(OUR). He was also formerly the Head Bartender at London’s Artesian Bar, where he led the bar and its team to international success, including being named ‘World’s Best Bar’ for four consecutive years at the World’s 50 Best Bars Awards from 2012 until in 2015.

The King of Cocktails

From inspiring cocktail innovations to twisting the classic iterations, De Kuyper is extremely proud of its heritage in the art of crafting cocktails. Creating new brands such as the Mandarine Napoléon, Rutte, and Peachtree for a comprehensive cocktail experience, De Kuyper is second to none when it comes to the passion for improving and modernizing the cocktail game. 

Vetiver Highball

Vetiver Highball

Vetiver Highball

Vetiver Highball cocktail


  • 40 ml Muyu Vetiver Gris
  • 120 ml Grapefruit soda

Add all the ingredients in a guest glass, add ice, and stir gently. 

De Kuyper Zero

Keeping in mind the changing trends in the alcohol industry, De Kuyper has recently launched their line of pre-mixed non-alcoholic cocktails. The four variants of De Kuyper Zero come in Mojito, Pornstar Martini, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Margarita flavors, having the same taste and kick of their alcohol interpretations.

“What we are currently working on with full force is the no alcohol category. The trend is huge and we are convinced it’s going to remain. So we’re creating, testing, and doing things in the no-alcohol drinks world. So I’m aiming that in five years, around 15-20% of our volume would be non-alcoholic drinks, of course, depending on the trends in the market,” Mark De Witte on entering the zero ABV business. 

Apart from a dominating display at the 2021 London Spirits Competition, the brand has been racking up the Liqueur Producer of the Year award at the International Spirits Challenge for three years in the running. 

Shop Muyu Vetiver Gris here. 

About the London Spirits Competition

The London Spirits Competition, for a consecutive five years, is known for shining the spotlight on spirits with great quality, value, and packaging. These are the spirits that deserve a spot on the retailer’s shelves, behind the bar, and in our at-home bars as well. 

Based on the results, spirits are awarded gold (Above 90 points), silver (80-89 points), bronze (70-79 points), and special category awards that highlight individual characteristics, making it easier for buyers and consumers in taking their pick. 

Judging on the basis of quality, value, and packaging, the competition is led by a panel of esteemed judges who are bartenders, bar managers, and elite buyers from the industry. These judges are the best names in the UK spirits industry.

The 2021 London Spirits Competition judges panel included names like Giorgio Bargiani (Head Mixologist at The Connaught Bar, the world’s best bar), Gary Burdekin (Bar Manager at Bradmans Wine Cellar), Daniel Susko (Head of Bars at Annabel's, and The Birley Clubs, London), Aurelie Montana (Assistant Bar Manager, D&D London), Cameron Attfield (Bar Manager of Baccarat Bar, London), and more. 

2022 is going to be no different. The lineup of judges continues to come from the UK’s top establishments. Some of the names in this year’s panel include Giorgio Bargiani (Head Mixologist at The Connaught Bar), Georgia Billing (General Manager at City of London Distillery & Bar), Cocktail Maestro Salvatore Calabrese, Ali Ali (Bar Manager at Oriole bar), and many more

If you’re a spirits brand looking to grow in the UK spirits industry, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to get your spirits tasted and judged by the best of the best. Enter your spirits now.

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