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Sevtap winery - small family owned winery in Santa Ynez valley

12/10/2020 Handcrafted small-lot Bordeaux Style wines made with Santa Ynez Grapes

Sevtap is a small family-owned winery in Santa Ynez Valley, our focus is making wine using organically grown grapes in Santa Ynez Valley, making artisanal bread and cooking awesome food. We are about to open our 2. Tasting Room in Santa Barbara this fall, we will have Wine, Bread and Tapas served daily. Our red wines mainly  Bordeaux Style Blends yet we love our Grenache  Rosè! 

2019 Grenache Rosè won 90 points, a gold medal at the 2020 Sommeliers Choice Awards.

Biodynamically grown Grenache grapes from Martian Vineyard, light skin contact gave light Provence style color and strawberry dominant flavors.

As a small producer and family business, we enjoy and cherish our time with our family and friends. Sometimes our time together is while bottling the next vintage or working the tasting room, other times we get to enjoy cooking at home with our kids, (our 4 year is famous for her cheese boards). This is a big piece of why Art chooses to make wine. To create a product that gets others to slow down and enjoy the moment. Start a dinner club with your friends, take a bottle to your parents’ for a long overdue visit, or bring the family on a hike and toast the sunset. Wine has traveled the world and brought people together for centuries, and we are so pleased it has brought you our way.

You can get their wines delivered in Los Angeles via their online shop.

3rd Annual Sommeliers Choice Awards submission is now open. The wine industry is collectively looking to plan for 2021 and Sommeliers Choice Awards hopes to provide a platform to help producers and importers not just assess their wines, but crucially go on to promote them.

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