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Get a taste from Texas’ first bourbon master distiller

16/10/2020 Home to the finest Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey on the planet

In 2012, Donnis became Texas’ first bourbon master distiller. Over the years, he’s realized his dream from his childhood days distilling with his grandfather. He is the cornerstone voice for Garrison Brothers’ aging inventory, hand-selecting every barrel of bourbon used in the expression of the Garrison Brothers bourbon. By personally hand-crafting the first bourbon whiskey ever legally produced in Texas, Donnis has helped shape what Texas bourbon is, one drop at a time.

The distillery doesn’t source whiskey from elsewhere and they never will. Their bourbon is made – from corn-to-cork – in Hye, Texas, one barrel at a time. It’s handcrafted from a sweet mash of premium, #1 food-grade corn, soft red winter wheat from local farms, and two-row barley.

Small Batch

This four-year-old bourbon ages in custom-built oak barrels. Smaller volume and thicker oak allow far more interaction between the liquid and the barrel. As it matures, the bourbon cycles through the wood’s pores and crevices, soaking in the sugars from the sap and yielding an aroma brimming of butterscotch, nutmeg, and vanilla. Notes of fruit dominate the palate, with hints of butter, whipped cream, angel food cake and oak. The finish is smooth, with chocolate and espresso notes. A true tour de force of flavor.


Distillery's award-winning Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, infused with Burleson’s Texas Wildflower Honey, resulting in a smooth, light bourbon with a sweet honey finish. Their Master Distiller transformed used bourbon barrels into small, wooden cubes that were immersed in honey. After fully absorbing it, they were placed in the belly of a stainless-steel tank, letting the bourbon soak up those delicious honey flavors every single day for seven months.

In picture: Jim Ezell and Roger Foltz

Small Batch & HoneyDew both won a silver medal at the 2020 Bartenders Spirits Awards.

Here is where you can taste their award-winning brands in Los Angeles

On-Premise: Bludso's Bar and Que, APL, Alexander Steakhouse Pasadena, Bardot, Kimpton Everly Hotel, Lock and Key Social Drinkery, Del Friscos Double Eagle (Century City), Everson Royce Bar, Fathers Office

Off-Premise: The Wine House, Everson Royce, Remedy Liquor, Mission Liquor

You can buy their products online.

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