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Fruit distillery producing fIne handcrafted fruit spirits made of 100% bio fruit

15/10/2020 A modern distillery creating unique master distillates from 100% fruit

Saber Distillery is a family company that resides in Slovakia. Since its beginning in 2016 they have focused on crafting exceptional quality spirits. The distillery's portfolio includes Fruit distillates (brandy), vodka, juniper spirits and their special spruce spirit Smrekovička. Devotion, innovation and a special approach are the main pillars of their family business.

Saber's main mission is to create an authentic product - a distillate - an unmistakable taste that the nation should be rightfully proud of. They combine innovation with art, they look at each product as a canvas that you fill with your experiences. These are moments that are special for you, those that connect. They use modern technologies in the production process, but they place great emphasis on authenticity and tradition. The processes take place in strictly controlled areas in compliance with the maximum safety conditions to achieve the required standard of the products. The use of purely natural raw materials is a matter of course for them. In other words - it is a unique sensory and gastronomic experience.

Constantin apricot brandy 42%,  92 points, a gold medal at the 2020 Bartender Spirits Awards

The plum distillate is a royal Slovak specialty. During its production, Saber carefully selects ripe fruit and process it using the most modern technological procedures. They could tell you that they use secret recipes or special ingredients, as most manufacturers try to give you. Well, the opposite is true. Only a responsible approach and quality raw materials are the critical factors.

Hugan 1265, won 81 points, a silver medal at the 2020 Bartender Spirits Awards

HUGAN 1265 is literally the pinnacle of their work. A unique alternative distillate characterized by extreme fineness. HUGAN 1265 represents a new generation of alcoholic beverages, which is specially developed as an ingredient in mixed drinks because it does not leave an alcoholic taste. They used the most efficient methods for processing, such as multiplicative distillation, fullerene filtration and sonic modification. With HUGAN 1265, you can also prepare drinks yourself that will give your experience a new dimension.

Palantir Smrekovicka - spruce distilled spirit won 92 points, a gold medal at the 2020 Bartender Spirits Awards

Horehronská Smrekovička also holds the Horehronie Regional Product certificate. Its production is limited annually, as it is produced from spring spruce shoots and 9 times distilled neutral grain distillate. You will find this product only in the exclusive representation of their partners. If you want to please someone with a purely national, hand-made distillate from the Saber Distillery workshop, then this is one of those things that will fit perfectly in your hand.

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