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Dromana Estate, award winning winery from Australia

13/10/2020 Family-owned winery on the Mornington Peninsula producing premium wines on the estate with estate grown fruit

Established in 1982, Dromana Estate was instrumental in forging the Mornington Peninsula’s reputation as one of Australia’s leading wine regions. The winery produces an extensive range of wines, up to twelve different varietals per year.

Domana Estate was one of the top Australian wineries to score very high at the 2020 Sommeliers Choice Awards with 3 gold medals under their belt. Chief winemaker Peter Bauer has been in the wine industry for more than thirty years and brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to Dromana Estate in 2007. Bauer meticulously crafts outstanding French varietals like pinot noir, pinot gris and chardonnay, along with varietals that are not usually associated with the Mornington Peninsula such as viognier and sauvignon blanc. Taking an innovative approach to winemaking, he is well known for blending varietals together to create completely new taste sensations.

Sommeliers Choice Awards Gold Medal Winner - Dromana Estate Syrah ’14

Boutique, family-owned and award-winning; with 50 acres under vine, we have something for everyone with 7 varietals, 19 wines and 3 labels that are estate grown and produced 

To showcase the varietal diversity of the Peninsula, they have created their Mornington Estate range. The wines are fresh and vibrant with distinctive regional characteristics. Their premium Dromana Estate range highlights the Peninsula’s extended, gradual ripening season that is ideal for producing award-winning wines from classic, cool-climate varietals. The Tuerong Park range is our limited-edition range, made from selected sections of the vineyard to which the winemaker has paid personal hands-on attention and care.

Pinot Noir vineyards

It is their belief that exceptional wines arise from great grapes and vineyard management with minimal intrusion and interference our wines achieve that sense of time and place, or terroir, to use the French term. By keeping the use of fungicides to the absolute minimum and endeavoring to use organic options when available they produce premium wines that are as sustainable and eco-friendly. They have always believed in using minimal preservatives throughout wine production, including during fermentation and filtering which allows the natural flavor of our wine to shine through.

The wines also won 3 gold medals and one silver medal at one of America’s leading wine competition Sommeliers Choice Awards. Dromana Estate Syrah scored a gold, Dromana Estate Blanc de Blanc scored a gold, Dromana Estate Pinot Noir scored gold and Tuerong Park Botrytis got silver.

The goal of the Sommeliers Choice Awards is simple: to provide on-premise buyers and sommeliers a valuable benchmark for understanding which wines would make a compelling addition to a wine list.

Medals were awarded to those wines that meet very specific judging criteria, with a goal of identifying wines that should become additions to restaurant wine lists. Wines will be judged according to criteria such as how well they pair with food items in addition to their overall versatility. Highest marks will be awarded to wines that provide value for money at their respective price points. Judges know the trade prices of each wine as they are judging each flight. 

The number one question that sommeliers will be attempting to answer as they judge wines is: “Would we stock this?”.

Los Angeles Drinks Guide recommends their Dromana Estate Syrah ’14 to try!

Showing typical Syrah characteristics of blackberry, dark cherry, cocoa, warm spice and cedar characters on the nose with a hint of gamey complexity. This wine is the iron fist in a velvet glove. Dark and stormy, with rich plums and spice, it’s concentrated and impressively weighted on the palate, displaying expansive mouthfeel and rich texture, leading to a lengthy velvety finish.

Header image source: Dromana Estate facebook


3rd Annual Sommeliers Choice Awards submission is now open. The wine industry is collectively looking to plan for 2021 and Sommeliers Choice Awards hopes to provide a platform to help producers and importers not just assess their wines, but crucially go on to promote them.

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